Quick Freezing Equipment

Technical Strength of Quick Freezing Equipment

The GLZ series fluidized Quick Freezing Equipment combines the latest technology of other same products from Sweden and Canada, realizing a real fluidized and perfect IQF (Freezing IQF) effect.

The conveying net belt adopts servo control. According to different material varieties and cloth thickness, the frequency of the jigging motion i.e., the alternate forward and backward motion of the conveying belt can be adjustable during its forward conveying process. Even if the cloth thickness is doubled on the basis of the current technology, there is no adhesion of materials and no occurrence of channeling.


The two-section type net belt conveying is adopted. At the front and rear sections, the conveying speed of net belt and rotation speed of fan are controlled independently to meet the requirement of processing different materials.

The initial freezing section is provided with are bypass pulse device to enhance the fluidized effect so as to realize the rapid freezing.

The ADS air automatic defrosting device is adopted to maintain the frost thickness of the evaporator always under 3mm and ensure that the Quick Freezing Equipment can carry out 24-hour continuous production. The heat exchanging efficiency of the evaporator is greatly enhanced, and the power consuption of refrigerating compressor and fan is recued. For quick-freezing output per unit, abot 20% of power consumption can be saved.

All of pars are made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy and food level plastics, which complies with the food hygienic standards.

The high-efficiency cleaning device is provided to clean the residues on the net belt, all designs guarantee the facility and easy operation for cleaning and ensure hygienic safety of foods.

GUANFENG provide complete freezing solutions for all kinds of products. All GUANFENG equipment and food processing lines are completely made of SUS304 stainless steel and manufactured to ISO and CE food processing industry standards. We welcome international customers to discuss cooperation, we will provide warm and thoughtful service for you. Contact us today to begin sourcing or go to my webiste https://www.gf-machine.com/product/quick-freezing-equipment/ for further more information.