Vacuum Freeze Dryer

GFD series vacuum freeze dryer mainly includes: material quick freezing system, vacuum tank system, heating system, vacuum system, refrigeration system, material transfer system, electric control system, pneumatic system, disinfection system.

The whole machine system is in optimized deployment, the whole design is reasonable, economic and advanced. The operation is high efficient, high degree of automatic, low engergy consumption, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

The vacuum system apply water ring pump or oil seal pump with multi-stage roots pump combination. In the beginning, it uses oil seal pump with large power to remove air out quickly. And then, it uses roots pump to keep the vacuum condition with small power. In this way, it can decrease the energy consumption. Meanwhile, the water ring pump can remove the water content, which can avoid the disadvantage of oil seal pump of poor drainage performance, moisture making oil emulsfication metamorphism and vacuum instability.

Heating system is sealed water circulation system with automatic compression function. It applies 3-way regulated valve to adjust the heat of water circulation system. The automatic compression system can gurarantee hot water temperature to +120*C, which increase the thermal efficiency.

Refrigeration system applies Freon refrigeration for samll middle model. The expansion valve adjusts liquid flow automatically. For large model, it applies ammonia Single-phase circulation refrigeration, the refrigeration liquid supply is stable and easy for operation. The Ice-Condenser apply postposition type cold trap. The pipes connection is short, little resistance. Moisture and gas access is smooth. The water catch is evenly, efficient and engergy saving.

The electric control system applies intelligent instrument and PLC system. The PLC is with touch screen control, computer monitoring. Since the most important performance is the freeze drying curve control, we develop an automatic control system with 10 period of time controlling, which is specialized for food lyophilization. It make curve parameter setting more easily and convenient, high reliability, good accuracy. The system has the function of historical data storage and query, which is convenient for production process analysis.

Technical description of Vaccum Freeze Dryer:

GFD series freeze dryer can be divided into rear type, side type and upper type according to the location of the cold trap;The dimensions of the tank in the chart are inner diameter and external dimension.

GFD series freeze dryer can be divided into one-time water scouringdefrosting, steam defrosting and automatic alternating defrosting according to the defrosting method.

GFD series freeze dryercan be divided into small experimental type, medium production type and large production type according to the size. The types in the above chart are only the common specifications. Equipment can be customized according to specific

GFD series freeze dryerare divided into electric heating type (medium and small equipment) and steam heating type (large equipment) according to the heating heat source.

GFD series freeze dryercan be classified into fluorine system and ammonia system according to the refrigerant, and the refrigeration parameters shown in the above chart are fluorine system.

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