Vegetable Drying Machine

Application of GRH Heat Pump Dyring Machine (Vegetable Drying Machine)

GRH high efficiency heat pump drying machine (Vegetable Drying Machine) can specially used for large preserved fruits, herbs, aquatic product, meat product and other need long processing time, or need high product quality, such as mango, red dates, medlar, sweet potato strip, momordica grosvenori, fig, mushroom, fish, sausage, ginsent, Chinese yam, clay, pasty fluid, and sludge etc.

GRH Heat Pump Dryer

Technical Strength of GRH Heat Pump Dyring Machine (Vegetable Drying Machine)

Easy to installation: easy to install and remove, few floor space, it can install both indoor or outdoor;

High efficiency environment-friendly: it can absorb a mass of heat from the air by little electric energy, the power consumption only 1/3~1/4 to electricity heat. And compared to coal, oil and gas water heater, it can save about 75% cost in operation;

Non-pollution: there is no inflamer or emission, which is a sustainable development product;

Security of operation: the whole process in the heat pump dryer is a safety semi-closed drying system did not exist the possible risk like inflammable, explosive, toxic, short circuit etc. in traditional drying;

Long serive life and low maintenance: this is developing from the traditional air conditioner technology, which has mature technology, stable performance, long service life etc. it is automatic operation without hand operation, intelligent control;

Comfortable and convenient, high degree of automatic, intelligent: use automatic thermostat device, can work in 24 hours;

Wide range of application, weather protected: it can be used in food, chemical, medicine, paper products, leather, wood, africulture products and so on.

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